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Do Athletes Need to Wear Special Eyewear?

Athletic Woman Wearing Sports Glasses

Whether an athlete should wear special eyewear or eye gear depends on the sport that they play. For sports like hockey, wearing a facemask is important to make sure the player’s eyes stay protected.

Some athletes may wear their glasses while playing, but only if they are comfortable with it. Athletes that take part in contact sports should not wear their glasses during gameplay.

In some cases, instead of wearing glasses or contacts, athletes will wear prescription glasses or goggles made for sports. These are more durable and will usually have a strap that goes around the back of the head. This makes it easier to keep their glasses on, even in the middle of an intense game.

For most athletes, doctors recommend wearing contact lenses over glasses while playing sports. This is not the best option for athletes that take part in water sports like swimming. Wearing contact lenses while playing water sports may cause eye infections, irritation, or eye pain.

If you want to keep the athlete in your life safe, Blue Sky Vision-Three Rivers offers sports vision testing services for patients of all ages.

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