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Optical Services at Blue Sky Vision-Three Rivers

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It can be difficult to understand the differences between optometrists and ophthalmologists. It may also be difficult to know what optical services are and what purpose they serve.

At Blue Sky Vision-Three Rivers, our doctors provide all our patients with comprehensive eye care services, including extensive optical treatment options.

What are Optical Services?

When patients see their eye doctor, optical services are a general term for healthcare that relates to the eyes. It normally includes:

  • Eye Exams: Eye exams are the only way to check for most eye conditions or diseases that need addressing. They may include dilation, which allows your eye doctor to see the back of the eye.
  • Dry Eye: Dry eye syndrome can result in dry, itchy, or irritated eyes. Seeing your eye doctor can address and treat any symptoms of dry eye that you may be experiencing.
  • Eye Infections and Injuries: Eye doctors can diagnose and treat any eye infections or eye injuries. Leaving eye infections or eye injuries untreated can result in vision loss or other serious complications.
  • Frame Adjustments: If a patient wears glasses, frame adjustments are a common occurrence. Most eye doctors and opticians will adjust your eyeglass frames anytime for no cost. It is common for your frames to become looser over time through normal wear and tear.
  • Eye Diseases: Your eye doctor can treat eye diseases like glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy using medication. In some cases, you may also treat them at the same time with lifestyle changes.
  • Vision Correction Procedures: For patients that no longer want to wear glasses or contacts, there are vision correction procedures like LASIK that improve your vision. After LASIK, most patients no longer need to wear glasses or contacts.

What is Vision Insurance and Do I Need it?

Vision insurance plans are usually discount plans that can help counteract the cost of a basic eye exam, as well as contact lenses or glasses. Depending on the vision insurance plan, you may be able to receive a discount on elective vision corrective procedures like LASIK.

Group vision insurance plans can be purchased through your employer or bought on an individual basis.

Optical Services in Three Rivers, Michigan

Looking for an eye care practice that provides extensive optical services? Blue Sky Vision-Three Rivers has everything you need.

We are a comprehensive eye care practice with a focus on the diagnosis, management, and treatment of ocular diseases.

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